VR4 Reliability query


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everything is just as easy as a commodore, APART from the AYC. Best to leave it to a dealer or an evo specialist
Bah! Don't listen to him - if I can service it anyone can.

If you're looking for a service manual, best to take a look at the service manual thread (or click the link in my sig). The vast majority of service questions are answered on various pages of these forums - I highly recommend taking a look at the Index thread.


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1997 Galant VR4 and a very old cordia turbo
Not trying to put you off here, but you don't buy a Mitsubishi for reliability.

I've owned many Mitsubishi's a Lancer GSR, 3000GT & GTO all were pretty average in reliability and I know the Galant I have coming will be about the same.

Yet saying that there fun cars when they work :D

I have driven Mitsubishi's for over 20 years and I would say they are amongst the most reliable cheap cars on the market.

I have never had one break down until very recently when my 24 year old Cordia had the knock sensor fail.
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