What size are factory speakers in a 2000 Galant/Legnum?

Discussion in 'I.C.E & Electrical' started by AcidFiend, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. AcidFiend

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    Hey all,

    This is my first post here as I just put a deposit on a VR4 :D

    I'm planning a stereo upgrade and I couldn't Google up the factory speakers in these bad boys. I'm keen to put something like: head unit, 4 X splits, amp, monoblock, sub - ideally the splits would match the factory mounting holes to ease installation.

    Can anyone help a VR4 newbie out?

    Also anyone that can recommend a professional car stereo install place in Melbourne Metro area I'd love to hear about them - preferably someone with Galant/Legnum experience who does high quality/custom installs.

    FYI I'm looking at MB Quart Premium splits, you can get these from the US (eBay) for a great price.

    Edit: It seems a guy here was asking the same question, took his door off and found them to be 6.5" - sweet, thats what I'll order :)
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  2. hawks

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    Hi Stu, it looks like you have already found you answer, so I will just say welcome to the site :)

    When you get a chance you should post up some piccies of your Legnum in the 'Readers Rides' section of the forum.

    Enjoy :D
  3. AcidFiend

    AcidFiend Guest

    Thanks, always nice to be welcomed!

    I'll get pics next weekend hopefully - still got some paperwork to sort out. Before this I haven't really been a car enthusiast, more of a computer one. But along those lines, I know whats its like to spend money on parts and then get the best performance you can out of them. Can't wait to start modding this ride!
  4. SiliconAngel

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    '99 Legnum VR4 Black MT
    Welcome Stu :)

    You're unlikely to find more than one or two stereo places in the COUNTRY with Legnum experience at this stage, I'm afraid - there just aren't that many cars in the Australia yet! Having said that, cars are much of a muchness, really - any good stereo installer shouldn't have any trouble with these cars :)

    Good luck!
  5. deleted.4395

    deleted.4395 Guest

    the stereo is just like any other car.. its very easy to install parts in jap cars cause they are thought out very well..IMHO
    and welcome to the forum, hope to see you and your new ride at a melbourne car wash meet..
    cheers joe

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