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Welcome to the Wiki

The OZVR4 Wiki is a place for storing all of the years of knowledge from the VR4 community, whether you're from Australia or anywhere else in the world.

If you're just here to read articles straight away, they're over there on the left.

Our Goals

Whilst there is much information available for the 8th generation VR4, much of it is fragmented, not easily found, and sometimes very difficult to access.

The owners and moderators of OZVR4 want to bring the deepest technical content for the VR4 community into one place and make it accessible for the world.

Can I contribute?

Learning from the operators of Wikipedia, there are really only two ways to avoid chaos and mayhem on a public Wiki:

  1. The Wikipedia way: Have enough people always on hand to detect abuse, data destruction and other tomfoolery
  2. Take My Money: Require that the people who edit the Wiki have some "skin in the game" by requiring a small yearly fee, and agree to comply with the rules

It's pretty obvious that option #1 is never going to happen, so you will have to donate a small fee each year to have edit access to the Wiki. This will be in the form of a Premium+ membership add-on to the current "Premium"/paid forum membership.

Can I make a suggestion for the Wiki without contributing?

If you do not have access to contribute to the Wiki would like to make a suggestion for the Wiki, you can do so by posting over in the Forum:

Note that your suggestion may make a lot of sense and seem really important (to you). Whether a contributor agrees or can get around to the suggestion is up to their available free time. If it's really bothering you, sign up for a membership with Wiki edit access and become a contributor.

What are the rules?

They're right here: Rules

So this is all free?

Yes, access to read articles on the Wiki is provided at no-cost / Gratis / "Free, as-in Beer" to the world.

Like any other website operated by hobbyists who just want to give back to the community, we humbly ask that if you find this site super useful that you Donate to our cause or at least purchase an OZVR4 membership. Who knows, perhaps you will meet the love of your life (in the form of an AWD twin-turbo V6).

What's a VR4?

Good question - that's covered in our VR4 History page.

Is the Wiki done?

Like project cars, the Wiki is never "done".

However as of May 2022, most of the Wiki is currently in an early content draft format, and entire sections are even missing completely.

If there is an article you would really like to see, please post in our Wiki Feedback and Suggestions channel on the Forum, or pay for a membership and create the article yourself.