1. cheeks

    Rotor/Brake Pad Compatibility

    Looking to replace the rear disc rotors and pads on my 1997 Legnum ST-R. Does anyone know what US-imported cars shared the same brakes?
  2. Rayyan_de1

    Bolt on front callipers for PFL Legnums/ warped rotors?

    Hi Guys, New to all this VR-4 stuff and I’m only getting around to understanding the car more. I couldn’t find a clear answer on this and I was hoping that someone with more knowledge than me and my research skills could more blatantly list either upgraded callipers they have or know fit for...
  3. Z

    Handbrake Shoes

    My handbrake is currently just there for show. There is tension in it, however it only does the slightest bit of stopping on a flat surface, don't even worry if it's on a small incline. Is improving this a simple as replacing the shoes on the rear drums? Or is it more of a adjusting the...
  4. naughtika

    Stock vs Brembo Weight Comparison

    Hi all, thought we'd create a separate thread for this information, thanks to @twisted32 Well I know it has been asked numerous times on here, so figured I would weigh my Brembo's (5-9) and stock brake parts while doing the change out for everyone's future reference: Stock Front DBA 4000 rotor...
  5. naughtika

    Brake Pads & Rotors Database

    fellas, been thrawling through, I can't seem to find any threads about brake pads that worked well for our cars.. so, I'll start Fronts Brakes: Stock PFL Brakes Rotors: RDA Slotted Rotors Pads: Bendix Ultimate - No Squeal, a bit dusty, very good for everyday driving - not for track.. Rears...
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