Stock vs Brembo Weight Comparison


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Hi all, thought we'd create a separate thread for this information, thanks to @twisted32

Well I know it has been asked numerous times on here, so figured I would weigh my Brembo's (5-9) and stock brake parts while doing the change out for everyone's future reference:

Stock Front DBA 4000 rotor - 6.7kg each
Stock Front Caliper with pads (70%) - 6.6kg each
Stock Rear DBA 4000 rotor - 6kg each
Stock Rear Caliper with pads (70%) - 3.6kg

320mm Evo Front DBA 4000 rotor - 10kg each
Brembo Front Caliper with new pads - 4.7kg
300mm Evo Rear DBA 4000 rotor - 7kg each
Brembo Rear Caliper with new pads - 2kg each

So the Brembo's weigh around 1.4kg more on the fronts (more unsprung weight and more rotational mass), but we save around 0.6kg on the rears (less unsprung weight but more rotational mass).

Interestingly if you could afford two piece rotors like DBA5000's on the front (9kg each according to the dba website), unsprung weight would be about the same as stock, but still more rotational mass...[/QUOTE]

If anyone's got information on EVO X's rotor and brake caliper weight, could you please add it as well?



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If you have them off then go for it, but DBA's website says 9kg, so thats probably good enough for these purposes.


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Contributing to the racing theme seeing were talking weights. Unsprung weight is less important than rotational.
As a rule of thumb you multiply the rotational mass by 4 to get an effective weight.
This is why the majority of top teir racing categories use carbon fibre rotors with very light calipers.
But the performance advantage of better rotors and caliper, even if heavier, will be more effective and will outweigh (no pun intended) the offset of their extra weight.
Carbon fibre rotors aren't always better.

But let's get real here, we're talking road cars that no one in their right mind is going to make into a serious track car. I'd be more concerned about getting the front/rear weight distribution under control than saving a few kg's in calipers, but then copping it in the shorts with the extra weight of the after market rotor.


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wheels are way more important in terms of weight, then tyres more important again. and you'll find massive variation in tyre weights.

Still if you're up for it, less weight everywhere = winning.
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