Beach cruise (Gold Coast, Main beach) 24th October



Hopefully a few of you still remember me haha, be good to see some old faces.

Just organizing a get together with friends at the beach, if you guys like to join feel free. More the merrier

As most of you might know or not know of, I'm getting my license back! Woooo! Its almost been 6 months and the first thing I wanna do is go to the beach.

Nothing is planned big but just a big day out to have fun at the beach, suntanning, swimming, sports, shopping and whatever. Just a day to catch up with everyone.

This is also a car cruise as well,
First meeting point be at Macca's at springwood (8.30am - 9am)
Second meeting at Yatala BP Station (9.30am-10am) then once everyone arrived off to the beach as a group.

The first meeting point is just for people who don't know where the Yatala BP so noone gets lost. You can either meet at whichever or just at the beach or just come for the joy of a cruise and leave :p

Feel free to brings friends. Hope to see all there!

Saturday, 24th October
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