Brakes clicking/sprung kind of noise???



Hi guys....quite new to the forum

Just want to pick peeps brains....

Recently I was going down a steep mountain path and suddenly hit a large hole....suddenly I had alot more brake pedal travel and there was a clicking/sprung tension noise coming from front wheels every time I pressed the pedal.

When i got to the bottom of the path (quite scarily) the front calipers were smoking and looking very very hot.....I checked fluids and around the car but no visible faults....after leaving the car to cool for 10-15 mins I set off again and the brakes felt nearly back to normal but not exactly right!!

Now the other day I had done a quick run and had a fair bit of braking going on and the clicking/sprung click reappeared

Any ideas guys??? Maybe need new upgraded fluid and a flush/bleed?? Is it ABS problem??

New to legnums only had it for a couple of months but learning slowly. its an auto too!



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Sounds a bit strange, you may have just overheated the brakes due to the steep downhill slope, and that might be unrelated.

Perhaps there is something caught up in one of the calipers or the shims have moved slightly?


How can i make the brakes overheat less? uprated fluid? grooved/drilled disc's? uprated pads?

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