Connect MP3 changer to Native MMC audio system

Discussion in 'I.C.E & Electrical' started by k-tracker, Dec 10, 2007.

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    Hi guys!
    Now is possible to connect any type of MP3 changer with M-Bus support to our native MMC audio system without internal changes. You'll need only special adapter based on Atmel microchip that could translate Mitsubishi commands to M-Bus format. look on page: to connect CD-MP3-Changer?
    Also there is list of current supported head units(it includes all MMCS but not listed):

    The audio quality of this connection is amazing :)
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    Nice find,
    but I think the Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY unit will do alot more only being a bit more expensive as Ive seen them on ebay for US$175+postage. With the 3SIXTY unity you can also input any device and it also inproves the muisc quality and gives you more adjustments.
  3. k-tracker

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    right, I saw your post ;) but this converter allows you to use your existing knobs and buttoms and touchscreen :)
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    Oh, that is cool. Any idea if they are sold localy?
  5. k-tracker

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    no, but they could be shipped to Australia if you need this.

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