Fog and driving lights come on and cant be turned off



Ok today i just went to KFC for some om nom and when i came back and got out of my car the warning beep for the lights came on and i thought it was wierd as i didnt need any lights this time of day so checked and saw the headlight and foglight lights on the dash were on so looked at the front and they were indeed on. A bit wierd as

1) since i got the car the fog lights have not worked - thought they were disconnected at compliance

2) the lowest driving light (really dim one) was on while the switch was set to off

mucked around and tried switching everything on and off but they are still on. So ive taken out the 3 fuses for these lights so my battery doesnt go flat but does anyone know what could have caused this? i only just had a full alternator rebuild in Oct and the car has been great until today


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I would imagine a relay or something is faulty. Could even be the control on the stalk?
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