Just ordered new front hub, under $150AUD



Howdy all,
Just thought id let you all know i just ordered one of the 513157 front hubs from the US Via a seller on eBay (BestSuspension). After reading a thread on ClubVR4 saying how they are a perfect fit, and a damn sight cheaper than buying through stealerships.

It should be here in a week and if it fits fine ill be ordering one for the other side. Anyone interested in some to reduce shipping? They are to suit 95-05 Mitsubishi Eclpise, im amazed as to exactly how much stuff is the same as our VR4's, with no matching part numbers! There is potentially ALOT of cheap spares out there for us.

Cheers, Bart


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i didnt know the whole hub was interchangeable.. but if it is.... that would be very nice. hope it fits, let us know.


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Lee, you need the hub carriers so you can do the brembo conversion.. like the one i posted in the 'spotted in ebay' thread..

what Bart posted was just the hub bearing, so you can replace that old whining bearing...

also make sure you get the model with ABS.. some Galants and Eclipse in US were released without ABS..
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