[QLD] Track day QR - Today...24th May!!


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Sorry for the late notice, I PM'ed Lee a few weeks ago but forgot to put it on here.

I'll be out there trying not to kill myself and hopefully, finally now that the turbo is back and i think i've got the feeling of the new pads, I can dip into the 57's on the Sprint track. That said, my tyres have seen better days and this will probably be their last meet.

So if anyone is keen for a drive out towards Willowbank, just keep driving up that road- don't turn off at the drag strip entrance- keep driving over the hill and in 800m you'll arrive at the track. Should start around 1pm

I'm sure there'll be some pics up tonight on the boostloosing- plus all the usual comments about my rear wing...


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Yeh a bit more notice would be good. haha.

Keep us informed when you are heading out next as it would be good to see your beast in real life.

Have fun.
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