Re-installing manual box on motor (While out of car)


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Hey guys,

nearing the end of my long ass time off the road, all i have is box onto motor and it goes back in the car. just wondering if there is anything i need to be weary of when putting the box and case back together?
rookie as question but this whole build is quite literally my first proper experience with anything mechanical. not wanting to leave things to chance.

mainly wearing of the intermediate shaft lining up properly. don't want to risk forcing it and breaking something that's not easy to replace haha.

thank in advance xx


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Best of luck with it. It's going to be a tight squeeze.
I've just installed a manual transmission back onto the engine, however I did it while the engine was already in the car.
I had the engine attached with the right engine mount, and supported underneath with a jack stand and block of timber.
I needed to adjust the height of the jack stand a couple times to get it in the correct position.
The transmission was then raised up from underneath on a trolley jack.
It was a two person job - Someone rasing the jack and going forwards and backwards, and another person rotating the transmission to get the right output shaft around the pressure plate and flywheel.

Once the transmission was on the dowels I put in the bolts and evenly tightened them to bring the engine and transmission fully together.

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