Skid Pan Day

Discussion in 'Western Australia' started by takumi, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Ok so I've been talking about this but never had any details ...
    What I'm proposing is to get about 10 of us Legnum/Galant owners to book it out for 4 hrs early next year. It will be about $70 each.
    Details as follows;

    This is an opportunity to bring your OWN car to the track to put your skills and your car to the test. Performance driving instructors are available to give advice so you get the maximum performance from your car in a safe and fun environment.
    The 4 hour programme starts with a half hour theory session on Performance Driving techniques, including vision, seating posture, cornering and braking techniques, smooth driving and weight transfer and then you get to put it all into practice on the skidpan.
    There will be two fully experienced instructors to provide in-car performance tips and answer any questions.
    Courses are open to those that have a road worthy car, have modifications that they want to try out or those who just want to improve their driving skills and lap times. Helmet, neck to ankle clothing are required with a current drivers licence.
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    sounds like a fun day, where would it be

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