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We're sorry that we missed you Jason, still haven't had the chance to catch up with you!

So how did the day transpire? Well, the girl and I had the day set aside for a blast (and she's a lil' more cautious than I am) so I took the passenger seat for the day. We rocked up at the car wash a few moments before 11am to see Steve cradling Sasha and Brad standing next to BLKVR4.

We just waited and chilled and yakked on for about 3/4 of an hour, with Katie having the chance to hold lil' baby for a while before we went up to SkyHigh (leaving Steve with wedding party duties). It wasn't busy up there but there were only one or two spots available. No, we couldn't sweet-talk our way this time but the view... wow.

If you haven't been up there during a clear day, it's definitely worthwhile, with 100km + view all towards the west! Being a warm one, we had lunch inside the bistro itself. Definitely a big change from the kiosk days years ago!
As Brad mentioned, he thought the roads were pretty bad in a mid-80's Laser or in a 1998 Holden Rodeo. Different story in a Legnum though :D

It was a pleasure to meet you Brad, and you definitely have a wealth of experience and was a great chat too. May see you in Auckland in 2008 if I'm heading over for work. Cheers!
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