VIC - White facelift Legnum w/ Recaros

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    Hi Guys,

    Not sure if this is the place for it, just a heads up really..

    I was down at SSV in Oakleigh today (the only place in VIC that do compliance for Legnums) and they were complying a nice Legnum for Kamikaze in Nunawading.

    White, facelift model - auto.
    Recaros, carbon trim, backlit dash
    Looked to be standard aside from the rear doorhandles on the front mod (which looked really good!)

    Would be worth finding out how much the dealer wants for this one if you want a car that's in Vic already! I didn't ask what the price was as it's not their car, but it was very tidy and I'd recommend a look!
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    Sold my 1998 Legnum VR4 Type S
    Is this the one ?

    Edit/ Took away pictures of wrong car :)
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    No, similar but it has stock wheels and a grey momo wheel..

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