xenon lights



Hi Guys.
Just want to share that I installed xenon headlamps in thecar the other day and it was a sintch.
I got the made in korea H7 xenon bulbs with the xenon box.
They havea black and red cable next to the bulbs and it was a simple as pluging the red into the yellow slot where the yellow is usually the top wire that plugs into the factory bulb and then the black negative plugs into the bottom red wire.
Best to use a multi meter first to check which gives you the power either the bottom or the top depending howyour car bulbs got plugged in.
Then I mounted the xenon boxes in the right hand corner of each side on one bolt and thats it.
So its a basic plug and play set up and I bought mine for $75aus so check down china town and upgrade those bulbs to xenons.
Ps the white strip of the xenons has to be facing down.'
Cheers guys.
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