1. Minto_bug

    New alternator installed but still not enough Volts

    Hello everyone, A little background on my situation, A few weeks ago I had noticed various electrical faults with my car mainly DTCs for sensors and such having low voltage Eventually I tested my alternator and found it putting out only 11.23V at idle. So I replaced my alternator and the plug...
  2. S

    Catch can piping

    Hi team, For those using catch cans, where have you run these from for best performance. Ie, between pcv and intake mani or the rear breather to the air intake or blocking intake mani and air intake ports and between pcv and rear breather? Cheers
  3. Biggums

    FL Gearbox into PFL tips

    Hey guys so I have a FL gearbox out of a 2000 Legnum to put into my 97 PFL and have been told it is relatively straight forward however I have seen different people say different things about which TCU they have used. I have literally everything from the FL leggy including the TCU but some...
  4. Rowie94

    AYC Issue/Confusion

    So, after my car came back from insurance repair, I noticed that the AYC was being very loud going around slow tight corners, like roundabouts. It seemed to squeak like a squidgee on a window on right hand turns, and creak and clunk on left hand turns. Using the guide here, I change the fluids...
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