1:10 scale Modell of 8G Vr-4 Galant


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Alex Roither
Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
Hi guys

the last time i´m totally into RC Drifting and Driving

some of you will still know it but here is a little vid:
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here is a pic of my scubbie that you can see you can buidl wonderful things:

but now to the point of the post on this world are not only one Modell avialable of the Galant 8G so i tried to find a factory who produces a Body for the 1:10 scale 190mm Chassis series. But the Factory told me that i have to find 150 people wich wants to buy a 1:10 scale body from the 8G Galant

one Body inculding Decal sheet is 20eur-27,70USD

Some of you now will say what the hell shall i do with a body for a 1:10 scale RC car when i don´t own a RC car...
for these guys i can sell a package with a complete Reddy to Race electro powered Chassis incl. Steering Battary and everythign else you need. The Chassis will stock ran 35km/h.
this Package would be ca. 140USD

now the Thing to do is to find out if i can get together 150 people wich would buy such a body.
it´s not binding just if you were interessted.

this is an example how it will look:

now please make a list of usernames how would take one or more(if you want more just type the number after your Username:

like this:

Galant_4_Live 2

(please copy the list each post and add your name)

It would be a wonderfull thing if there will be a modell of the 8G available




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91 Silvia, 97 Galant
I'd be interested. Would the complete package be driftable? Cos I'd like a drift R/C car. And $140 US is a bargain if it is good quality.

Anyway, consider my interest expressed.

Galant_4_Live 2
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