anyone using a blitz EBC Help



Hi guys.
Just wondering if anyone is using the blitz dual sbc EBC.
I had the mechanic wire it up here in kyrgyzstan and he has worked with greddy and hks and apexi but never a blitz.
I thought if someone is using a blitz I could pick your brain on what u found were the best settings and how best to wire it up.
If anyone else is a pro with the EBC installaation then please PM me with some feedback on what the best way and where to plug the boost controller in.
Dont get me wrong it seems to be working ok but I can only get it to about .88bar before the car starts the jerking and doesnt like the extra boost. Also the gain is on 7 so its pretty low.
I am still running a factory exhaust for now and no cat.
Cheers guys.


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Adam have you removed the boost control solenoid yet? There's a current thread on the topic, a number of members have reported smoother boost with that simple mod.
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