dual purpose thread: ISC's and Toyo's



hey guys

thoughts on ISC N1's on a legnum with appropriate spring rates (around 8kg front 5/6kg rear)... anybody roll with them?? i know a couple of silvia guys from my friends car club that use them...

and does anyone use toyo tyres?? ProX in particular... not a track tyre... more street use... i have read about the other majors like bridgestone and dunlop just opinions...



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I have had T1R's on a VR-4 and they were better in the dry than Goodyear GSD3's but in the wet they would break away quickly and take forever to regain grip.

If you want the best fast road summer tyre you want Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec or Bridgestone RE-01R (about to be replaced by RE-11), or Yokohama Advan Neova AD-07 (about to be replaced by AD-08)

The best all round tyre for all year wet and dry use is the Goodyear F1 Asymmetrical, and nothing goes past the GSD3 in the wet.

Kenneth is running ISC's on his Galant with 12kg F and 8kg R, they are very good and I would recommend them.


oh whoa Brad you never fail me! haha thanks for all that...goodyear i will definitely source out.. i have absolutely no idea when it comes to tyres and dont wana be taken for a ride and have sum shmuck try n sell me on race tyres that cost more when im just driving the roads...

12kg and 8kg?! oh geez i see... hopefully he catches on to this thread so i cant have a chat to him

thanks again brad


oh thats awesome thanks heaps for that Brad!
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