help with boost problem



Hi guys I sold my auto and now the guy who has it has lost the boost.
He has also got a problem with the traction control.
I was running a bleed valve from each waste gate and a valve which allowed me to up the boost so basically a manual bleed valve but a T piece of each actuator.
His mechanics dont know anything about turbos and they started to do all sorts of things like changing valve's for the manual bleed and who knows what else.
Anyhow I removed the T piece and ran new hoses to go back to stock.
I then ran a bleed of from the last hose closest to the inlet manifold as per the boost thread and also installed my newer factory boost solenoid from my manual with the removed bung.
Any ideas on why his boost wont go above 6psi.
Cheers guyys


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could there be a possibility that the TCL is off due to a protection making the car run on 'LIMP' mode?

i suggest to put the car back on its original state (remove the MBC then run it) at least you can narrow down your issue..

also try to pull out the error codes from the ECU, ABS and/or AYC.. there's a guide here somewhere...


I will look into the limp mode thing thanks.
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