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This page was originally created back in 2007 when the OzVR4 community was still very small and young.
It has been updated periodically with links to our knowledge base as the years have progressed, but it may not contain the latest and greatest developments documented elsewhere in the forum.

Nonetheless it still serves as a good basic guide to start with, if you are new to your VR4 and want to get up to speed quickly.

VR4 Related Jargon and FAQs
Official VR4 Literature Compilation
Various info, courtesy of Iron Chef Imports - Fuel consumption, Handling, Seats, Transmission, Maintenance
Cosmetic differences between the pre-facelift and facelift models (aka series 1 and series 2)
Power difference between the Series 1 (pre-facelift) and Series 2 (facelift) VR4
Chassis codes
Member fuel consumption stats
Vehicle Recall Chassis Check

Getting one/ Getting it on the road
How to go about importing.
Importing - tracking your car while it's being imported
Where is the engine number?
Insurance: What type, and how much

Discussion about service intervals, parts, and brands
Service Notes - Things to look at when getting your VR-4 serviced.
AYC Service Guide
VR4 Friendly Workshops

Mechanical/Performance Mods
Part Numbers Guide
Mitsubishi CAPS Database Download
VR4 Workshop Manual
ECU Diagnostic Code Listing
Boost - is 14psi too high?
Replacing the clutch
Do our TDO3 Turbos have a ceramic or steel wheel?
Mitsubishi Karman Vortex Air Flow Meters: How they really work (and why a pod filter is a waste of time)
Auto Transmissions - Common issues, troubleshooting
Jacking Points
Data Loggers (Evoscan, Mitsulogger, DataLogLab)

Electric Windows - How to revert back to factory settings (after compliance)
Wiring Diagram
Stereo Wiring
ECU Remapping - Possibilities?
Fuse & Relay Info

Windows: Tinted or Frosted Glass?
Front Bar Removal

Stock Wheel Sizes and Offsets
Evo wheels for your VR4 - how to go about it

1/4 Mile Records

Links to ClubVR4 pages

Before there was OzVR4, there was ClubVR4 based over in the UK with a lot of New Zealand members also. Both of those countries had a head start on importing VR4s relative to Australia and there is plenty of information on their forum.

If you can't find answers or information on OzVR4, consider checking out ClubVR4. And then come back and add your findings to OzVR4!

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