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Hi all,

Looking at replacing some suspension bushes in the rear of my legnum, i'v searched amayama as best I can but have only found replacement arms for the specific bushes I need to replace which is a couple hundred $$ each arm.

I read on another post somewhere that HJ's have the same or very similar suspension? Can anyone confirm this? I'v found listings on superpro for the bushes I'm looking for but they are for the HJ Galant and I'm a bit skeptical as I don't want to press out my old bushes only to find that the HJ bushes don't fit and I'm left with no suspension.


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I may have replied to you via fb, but anyway

e54a series Galants (HJ in Aus) have similar suspension hardware with the EC5x series.

only difference are the 4 stud hub and the rear hubs having the axle shaft blanked off because it's only FWD here in Australia
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