[SA] GSR/EVO Club Track Day at Mallala


Leaving Skid Marks
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2000 Legnum VR4 Type S
Grabbed this from the GSR/EVO Club website. Ill probably be there but wont be putting the legnum out. It doesnt have a trans cooler yet, and im too worried about breaking something. Ive taken the GSR out there for a few the GSR/EVO Club track days and its been awesome fun. You dont need to be a MGEC member to enter, nut it costs a little more for non-members.

Looks like this year Ill just have to be a flag waver again!

OK Here it is Track Day 1 2008!!

Yes our first track day for 2008 will be held Sunday March 9th!!!

Entry forms are now available.

MGEC members will get a 1 week head start before we start advertising on other forums!!

Positions will only be secured once payment and entry form is received!!

Dont miss out - get your entry form in straight away!!! We have got a LOT of interest from other clubs and events - this track day WILL sell out!!

ONLY 50 POSITIONS available!!!



tempting, but ill be out at 'lala on april 6 for the next moder reg so i better not chance my luck and go out again a month before incase something breaks on the sss.
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