soundproofing a legnum



I've installed one and a half dynamat extreme bulk packs in my 5 doors and floor. total weight added so far is 13.5 kg. The biggest inprovement is in the doors as it makes the sound system %300 clearer and take all the boot rattle away as i have 2x 12' subs. Dynamating the foors seems abit wasteful as underbody road noise wasnt much to start with.

I would suggest to anyone thinking of Sound proofing to start with the doors and doubling up the layers on the wheel arches as that is where most the road noise seems to derive from. If you have drony xaust than also use something heavier duty on the boot floor or double up on sound proofing. The car floor is the last place you should bother sound proofing not to mention alot of work!


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