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I am not sure how many people think the same way I do about the VR-4, but I am getting bored reading car magazines describing the benefits of this performance car or that. I have just finished reading NZ Autocar May and June 2007 editions. In May, it had a comparison of 1999 BMW 328i Coupe vs 2007 BMW 335i Coupe, and in June, it had a review of the A5/S5. After reading these two articles, I was left with the impression of how good the VR-4 is.

The BMW article, finished with a comment of how simpler the older car was to the newer one and therefore somewhat better and therefore preferred, even though it was not as fast or refined. The comment can apply equally to the VR-4. The A5/S5 article was talking about the various technical features, the ability to move more torque to the rear, which the VR-4 has a passive form of, a future Porsche designed transmission in a later model, which the VR-4 has, and of course 4WD. I can't help but be left with the impression that the VR-4 is such a good car even today.

The VR-4 Type-S model, which is the top of the range model (excluding the Super VR-4 special) has so many items that are still being talked about as advanced features or options on new cars. These include;

[*]Active-Stability-Control (ASC), which is now known is electronic stability control and comes into play only when needed
[*]Active-Yaw-Control (AYC) (CVR4 members-only Link), which allows the car to take corners a lot faster than normal cars.

This is in addition to four-wheel-drive (4WD), traction-control (TC), anti-lock-braking system (ABS) and a 5-speed Tiptronic transmission (CVR4 members-only Link), that really works. In addition, my personal car has the Ralliart Suspension Option, 17" alloys and Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres, transforms the car's handling to a new level.

While the VR-4 may not have the power of some of the newer performance cars, some members have seen fit to remedy this situation, to truly make the VR-4 as relevant today as it was when it was first released. After owning the car for nearly four years and almost losing it recently in an accident (since restored - see mine in members cars), I am even more convinced it is the car I want to own for as long as I can. And yes, I will still keep reading about performance cars in Auto Magazines, convinced in the knowledge that the VR-4 is still a great "Sports Saloon" even if it is over 10 years old.

Here are some comments from some reviews (available in the CVR4 full members section) of this great car.

"Putting the power down cleanly is a four-wheel drive system that splits the torque 50:50 between the front and rear axles in normal driving, and then varying the ratio according to whichever end of the car needs it most.

Behind the wheel however, the drive feels a little rear-biased, which better suits sporty driving anyway. There's more traction than even the engine can defeat, and if you manage to get wheelspin in the Galant, it probably means you're on top of an oily patch.
" - Galant Warrior

"If the Evolution were a small nimble race-bred sprint horse, the Galant VR-4 ... would be a tall muscular stallion, ..." - High Performance Imports

"In terms of performance, the VR4 rivals strongly with its direct competitors such as Legacy RSK and Skyline 25GT, if not the more expensive Audi S4 and BMW M3. " - AutoZine

"Yes, as Star Trek's Spock would most probably have said, when describing the Mitsubishi Galant VR4: "It's an estate car, Jim, but not as we know it."
" - Top Gear

"Now we've driven a Galant that eclipses all others, the stupendous permanent four-wheel drive, twin turbocharged V6-powered VR4. It has the same handsome, wedgy, BMW-influenced lines, but adds a purposeful deep chin spoiler, subtle side skirts and a chunky rear wing." - Autopoint

"It’s the innocuous sounding Galant VR4. Which in reality is about as innocuous as a hand grenade. On any road you care to choose, it would take an Audi S4 apart more swiftly than Mr. Creosote eating a lobster. And a BMW M3. A tussle with an Impreza Turbo would be interesting, but it’s by no means certain that the Subaru would win. Did I mention that the Galant is an automatic?" - AutoCar

"On the road, though, it’s the Galant that really shines. The weighty feel to the steering and armfuls of feedback from both helm and chassis encourage you to press on as soon as the traffic frees up. Any thoughts of the auto-box hampering progress are dismissed the first time you ask it to kick down. On only a couple of occasions did it need time to think before selecting the appropriate gear. Otherwise it delivers smooth, effortless and unobtrusive changes whenever your right foot demands.
" - EVO Magazine
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