Where to get Major Service in VIC?



Hey was just after some suggestions on where to get a major service done on my 96 Legnum auto, its getting really close to 100,000km and im wanting to get it done at a place that knows what they are doing and isnt too far away. I saw on vr4 friendly workshops that K & C Automotive is probably the closest place to me. Any suggestions would be great, also some esitmated costs, im guessing around the $1000 mark?


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also some esitmated costs, im guessing around the $1000 mark?

Hey Derek, i think you will find that a complete major service is going to cost you a bit more than $1000 if you are going to get everyhting done i.e. all blets, all fluids, all filters AYC, Tranny ( if auto ) plugs etc. If you are like me and dont have either the time , tools or mechanicall know how to do it yourself, you will find that the 10+hours of labour is the most expensive part.


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I had mine done at Chaser in Kensington had no probs, but other people have different opinions on them, techsport in Bayswater? i'm pretty sure is one of the only places to do AYC for our cars and have started to have a few VR4's come through
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