World's Fastest Rollerskate


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Frankston, Melbourne, VIC
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I was driving home yesterday and noticed an old model Suzuki Swift that had been lowered with some really fat-arse tyres on it. I thought, that thing must have something hiding under the bonnet, otherwise the wheels and tyres would just be stupid...

So after a couple of kms I managed to line up at the front of a traffic light with the Swift behind me. I took off hard (no dropped clutch though). He kept up pretty well until I eased up at the speed limit, and he kept on going, sailing past me in a cloud of black smoke lol

Caught up to him at the next lights and gave him the thumbs up. He said he put a turbo on it with 12 psi boost. It was the cutest little hoonmobile I've ever seen, when he put his foot down it really looked like a jet powered roller skate :D
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