1. Blackbird

    For Sale NSW Price drop Legnum VR-4 FL OEM front and rear seats 25,000km old

    As per the title. These came out of a Legnum, FL 2000 model at 25,000km. Legit Km as I got service history with the car. Extremely clean and original. All the adjustments work as they should. No smells or anything. Stored in a spare bedroom not in the garage. Check the photos out closely as they...
  2. cheeks

    6A13 Valve/Rocker Cover Gasket

    Hello all, New to the forum (cherry-popped). Looking to replace the valve/rocker cover gasket on the '97 Legnum 2.5 6A13 engine. I would rather not have to order internationally as I am in the US, but I understand the limited parts availability in the US, does anyone have any recommendations...
  3. J_banger

    Sold NSW Genuine CIBIE Headlights

    Complete plug and play set of Genuine CIBIE headlights. Great condition including all wiring associated with install. I’m sure most of you know how rare these are for a genuine set to be on the market. $3000 shipped within Australia including insurance. For international shipping we may...
  4. N

    New here from Nz need some advice

    i just got my hands on a '98 Vr4 Legnum "type S' and am in search of some parts. can anyone suggest or point me in the direction to source some factory fender extensions, Monsoons and door trims (the bits that run along the middle of the doors) ill add a pick of the car, its a lil rough around...
  5. Mister_Bishi

    Legnum Sunroof rail slides stuck

    Hello, My first time posting in the forum after recently purchasing a 1999 Legnum Type S back in October 2021. The sunroof has never worked in it but the motor itself does actually still work as I’ve just recently found out. I’ve pulled the sunroof frame out of the car and removed the glass...
  6. Z

    Upgrading to S-AYC

    Has anyone upgraded their AYC diff to the S-AYC diff from the Evo 8? I know that it's pretty much a direct fit with a few small mods, but whats needed in terms of wiring/pump? Do I need to installed the S-AYC ECU and wiring harnesses and is the existing AYC pump suffcient? Just interested as I...
  7. Pr3tzals

    Legnum died while driving, now won't turn over

    Hi Guys, New face here, been a lurker for a bit and more recently a member. I've got a 1999 Legnum VR-4 which has been great until recently. On Friday night I was driving from Melbourne to Phillip Island and the the tacho and speedo dropped to 0 and had no acceleration at all, all lights and...
  8. B

    Wanted QLD Legnum or Galant Shell/Roller

    Hi team, I need a rolling shell of either legnum or a galant. The shell needs to be straight and have a clean WOVR record. Someone ran a red light two days after I bought my dream legnum and bent the front end so I'm looking for a shell I can put all the goodies into. Looking to spend under...
  9. Cameron McPherson

    For Sale QLD *PRICE DROP* Folding rear seat PLUS front seats, plus door cards for sale

    Items and prices: All items are the series 1 blue/grey cloth trim - as you'll see in pics. Legnum split folding rear seats plus cushion - $100 Factory front seats on rails - $100 Bargain combo price for everything: $150 Condition: Really good. Obviously these are the factory interior parts...
  10. Karl Dutschke

    Sunday cruise

    Bit of a late warning, but for those of you that aren't in the SA group, we're cruising tomorrow 10th of December. Those of you that are interested in watching the hillclimb, meet in the Willunga Hotel Carpark at 0800, and we'll walk up the hill for a day of motorsport (and hopefully some...
  11. Kraken82

    Sold VIC 98 Legnum vr4 trigger mauve $7900

    1998 Legnum Vr4 Type S $11500 Car has done 198xxxkm replacement motor from 2001 Model only done 106xxxkm Rego expiry 20/1/2018 Transmission 5speed auto Colour Trigger mauve Interior is in good condition has carbon fiber centre console, high vis dash, sunroof aftermarket Recaro drivers...
  12. lh1034

    Wanted VIC 3 inch exhaust

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has a 3 inch leggy exhaust available? Only after the cat-back. Happy to travel to collect if need be. Cheers! :)
  13. A

    Sold VIC 2000 Model Type S Manual Legnum (Pearl White)

    Year/Make/Model: 2000 Asking price: $7,500 Price drop! Kilometers: 150XXXkm's Registration expiry date: November 2016 Roadworthy/Safety Certificate provided: N/A (due to wanting quick sale and not having time) Transmission: Manual Body colour and condition: Pearl white, slight dint on...
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