Alternator died in the heat.



Hi guys.
In Kyrgyzstan we have had 35-45 deg weather for about the last 55 out of 60 days. HOT HOT HOT.
Th alternator shit it self and first the boys said they fixed it and then a week later dead again and I bought a second hand 100amp unit.
It was the same size and so it went on. Just curious if there will be any side efects between the 120 and the 100amp units.
Its just a question as I sold the auto today so I will be taking the manual in the next few days.
Looking forward to a fresh VR4 staright out of Japan and then comes the sicko mods as the 18's are already on it and waiting for a test drive.
Please let me know about the alternator for future reference as its stinkin hot here during the summer and its day in day out.


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The 120a's are from cold spec cars and do seem to fail fairly often. I have never heard of a 100a failing.
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