any tips on getting headlight open?


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Bought a second hand headlight from NZ, cheap as but also dirty as! Light is in perfect condition save for a few scratches but the inside of the lens is filthy! Cant for the life of me see how I can seperate the light cover from the rest without permanently damaging the seal.
Is there a way?
Has anyone done this before and successfully put it back again?
I have spent soooo long sourcing another light and now I finally have it but i dont want to put it on my car cause its grose! lol

help anyone?


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Its something about putting it in the oven to heat up the glue. THere was discussion about it a few days ago.
Found it, see below the quote is not from me just showing what others have done.
I had water in my fog lights for ages, and once it dried up it left a white residue on the surroundings, so i pulled them apart the other day and gave the a quick scrub down and they they look like new! As the people above have said just stick them in the oven for about 5-7 minutes (or until the black part of the light becomes slightly malleable) at about 110 degrees then using a couple of spoons lift the tabs that hold the lens and the back together and then just gently pry the two apart, and Bobs your uncle. The head lights are just as easy and they look so much better once you have taken the indicator lens out and replace the orange bulb with a chrome one.


Very straight forward guys.
Hot air gun and a flat screwdriver.
We did ours in 5-10min.
Hot air gun around the edge of the lights and try not to get too close to the actual lense as not to melt it and then using the flat screwdriver pry it open and then use the gun to warm the glue up before you seal it and thats about it.
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