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Hi guys I forgot to ask in the past if anyone knows that the AYC on all vr4's is temperature sensitive or is it just my one.
I havent seen anyone post anything on this subject before so here it is.
In the snow and cold days my ayc works all the time but even when it got to about 8-10deg and the weather improved thhe AYC always turns it self off.
Same goes for now as the days have got to be about 16-24deg daily the AYC is pretty much always off ones the car warms up.
Can anyone confirm that this is the norm for all cars.

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I dont know about AYC always being on - it only fires up when you start hitting some corners, that is its only needed when you are in a corner and the wheels start to sense some loss of traction/need for more power at different wheels.

Possibly in the snow the wheels are slipping more on ice so ayc is activating more? Or alternatively the cold temps cause the diff oil etc to be more viscous, im not too sure if that would affect things?


No I mean that my AYC will work in cold weather only. Once it warms up the red light comes on and the ayc green lights will not work. When it is cold and rainy it works fine.
Is this normal or may there be an issue with a temp sensor somewhere?


If theres no leaks around the pump, than you probably have a pressure sensor issue. The system has a sensor that keeps track of the hydraulic pressure, and when it dips below 10psi (i think) it throws a fault. The viscosity of the oil changes with the temp, so it will tend to appear when hot as the oil thins out and the psi it can sustain drops off.

Many UK members have found that by using an aftermarket switch the system will work fine on a lower PSI.

If the red light is on permanent, then the pump may have degraded (as was the case in mine) and needs to be changed, or a range of other faults..

Either way its probably a good time to service it, and have a look on ClubVR4.com regarding an adjustable replacement switch.
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