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Hi guys.
Quick 2 questions.
So does a evo 6 diff bolt straight up to the leggie with no mods. AYC and all connections same same??
Secondly I have found a evolution pajero 1997 AYC rear diff. Would the pajero also bolt straight in and is it like a evo diff with the gears and ratios of a evo or is it like a leggie or is it different all together.
Thanks guys


When i was younger i had a lancer station wagon that was a 1800 turbo. I came across a evo 2 gearbox and fitted it. What ever you do make sure you match the right ratio diff to the gearbox or you will have problems. For me it was the gearbox lsd seizing up and putting my car into a lock up on the motorway. So what ever you do make sure you get the right ratio.


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Did you get my email I sent last week?

Any EVO diff will fit from a 4 to a 9 but you will need to make up some spacers to get the rear to fit in properly, they need to be about 10mm thick, have a centre hole about 14-15mm in size and be about 35-40mm in diameter.

I have no idea about a pajero diff but I doubt it would work.


Thanks Brad.
I did get the email just wasnt sure about the spacers but now that I know its great help.
Theree is a evo pajero diff here but a bit priecey but I just wanted to know as it does have AYC so I thought it may be the same as the car did also run 280hp so I thought it may be identical.
There is a evo 6 diff in kazakstan so I will try and get that.
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