Handling differences between VR4 Galant and Legnum



I did some searching after i joined ClubVR4 and thought this should be posted here to make it easier for people doing some research into deciding which of the two cars you want to purchase.


Galant VR4 v Legnum VR4
Has anyone driven both the sedan and the wagon?

I notice on paper the specs are very similar, the only notable difference ethat the wagon is 50Kgs heavier. However in reality, is there much of a difference in handling and performance?


i didnt notice much difference when driving my mates legnum when he had it, tho around goin down the kaimais the body swayed like a b!tch compared to my galant imo...


there isn't much differance at all.


Originally Posted by bradc there isn't much differance at all.

i think the wellsford run proved that.
and most aftermarket stereos would weigh 50kg by themselves.


Its hard to say really.. ive driven both, at speed... however both cars had different wheels, and suspension.. so its hard to say either way really. The only big difference is the boot, its hard to get used to all that space if you have a Galant
- like driving around with a void behind you..


No real difference...

Ive owned both... as above different wheels and different shocks... plus the manual legnum probably weighs the same as the tip galant.


Have driven HJM's Numleg and it has lowered suspension like mine. Must admit, although a brief spin, the ride was very impressive and the car felt tight and handled totally predictably.

Wouldn't mind the chance to thrown one into some corners at speed though to see how the ass reacts compared to the saloon, mind you I wouldn't expect too much difference.

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