Wanted NSW Lowered suspension for leggy


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1997 Legnum
King springs are way low enough let alone the super lows. Fir some reason the kings sit lower than normal in our cars at about 96mm.

I have about 6 sets of springs and struts for sale cheap (100 per set) as I remove thrm from cars I sell.

Just a friendly warning too is that kind or any lowering spring for our cars tend to make the arse twitchy and step out when riding over drain covers etc. Aswell as take the handling from great to sliding on ball bearrings. That's my opinion on what iv witnessed here.. Tbh the only lowering spring and or strut combo I trust is TEIN and BILSTEIN.

Could the twitchiness be because of the negative camber induced by lowering ?

I wouldn't mind a set of springs to get rid of the 4x4 ride height I currently have - are they sets of 4 and how much for postage to Aus ?
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