need help! a picture of vr4 drive shaft for my engine swap project



Can anybody post the picture of either legnum or galant under carriage? I want to see how the drive shaft look like. I remember seeing that it has 3 parts of shaft for the drive line. But just want to make sure, I need to see the picture of it.

I am in the process of doing an engine swap and going to make a custom drive line for my galant.

Because when i got my half cut the drive line is not included only the hlf cut and the rear suspension set.

just a little teaser:
- the car is already re paint in black color and also repaint all inside the fender as u can see in the picture it look like a brand new car....
- i have been working on the rear side for a couple of days. Just fitted the gas tank and rear suspension set.

- mmm SSR type C. The dream come true..hehehe....the best combo black car with bronze wheel

for more curiosity the Haltech E8 is on the way from OZ and definitely going to do an turbo upgrade, twin or single upgrade will seee.........:)
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