Noob Alert: How to change headlights, what type r they?



Hey guys,

I tried searching on a few sub-forums and google but found nothing on either how to change them nor what type they are. Damn Legnums being so rare!

In my 2000 VR4 the left hand side headlight is out. how do I change it, I've never done it before :rolleyes:

There are three small clips on the top of the light, do I unclip those and the unit slides out? The problem is they are stiff as anything, and plastic, so I didn't want to risk snapping them if this wasn't the case. Theres also three different fuses going into the back of each unit - do I disconnect those before pulling it out?

Also what type are these? H1? H7? My manual comes with nothing about changing them nor coudl I find the type in the booklet or under the hood. Perhaps on the light itself.. if I knew how to get to it lol.

Sorry for being so newb! Any help appreciated :confused:


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Open the bonnet, go in from behind the headlight. Theres a rubber grommet with some wires going in to it. Pull the grommet out and you can see the bulb. It has a clip that you have to i think push down then slide it away from the globe.
THey're H7 in the headlights.


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Stu you probably couldn't find it because you were searching for headlights, when what you actually want to replace is just the globes ;)

A simple Search for 'globe' would have yielded this for example.

There's also this how-to article, including a discussion and pics on the second page.

You CAN replace the globes with the headlamps in the car, however until you're familiar with them you might find it a little difficult. The rubber covers remove quite easily - there are some tabs on them you can grab for leverage and you might find it useful to twist them to crack the seal that will have formed over time.

Once you have that off you may find the plugs extremely difficult to disconnect from the terminals on the back of the globes. Try to wiggle / lever them back and forth and you should be able to get them off. Don't use anything to lever them, just your fingers.

The difficult part is releasing the retention clip inside the headlamp - this is extremely difficult unless you're familiar with their position, and as such as mentioned in the link above I recommend you remove the headlamp completely to perform this. It's only four bolts.
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