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Perth, WA
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SA, Trevor
'99 Legnum VR4 Black MT
This thread is to keep track of mods and performance numbers of members cars in a central repository. Each member is allowed only one post in this thread - if you need to change your details, edit your original post. Additional posts and off-topic chat will be deleted... And you don't want to know how that will end up.

Ideally it would be good if you could provide as much detail as possible, starting of course with model, year etc of your car, list relevant mods and follow with dyno results, quarter mile times etc. Also feel free to include a single dyno graph and a link to your Members Ride thread so people can easily click to see photos and further info on your car.


Legnum VR4 1996 Tiptronic

Apexi Exhaust system
BDA Decat

ARC induction box
Apexi S-AFC2 - being setup
Turbosmart E-boost2 controller
Mines facelift ECU
Magnecor sparkplug leads
Forge RS recirculating BOV
Intercooler hardpipe kit
Sard adjustable FPR
TRE uprated fuel pump
Uprated intercooler 600x300x75

Daiyama adjustable coilovers
Greddy rear strut brace
Adjustable front camber kit

Transmission cooler

No dyno figures yet

Best 0-60mph (0-100kmh) 5.61s


OzVR4 Stalker
Brisbane, QLD
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'96 Galant VR4, '17 MB A180, '25 Macan GTS
Car: '96 Galant VR4 - Finess Green
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual

Performance Mods
X3E Motorsport Silicon Hose
600x260x2.5" Intercooler
Apexi S-AFC 2- Limited Edition (Untuned)
Manual Boost Controller (was 14psi.. now 12psi)
Custom Ground Wires
Pivot Raizin Volt Stabilizer

Dyno Result

at the wheels, done at Chiptorque (Shoot Out Mode)

Quarter Miles Time
??? <-- don't need one.. I'm always at the back anyway stalking others..

Running & Stopping Gear
18x7.5" +40 Advanti Wheels on Falken ZE329 225/40R18
Ralliart Shock Absorbers on Stock Springs
Front RDA Slotted Rotors with Bendix Ultimate Pads

Stock Exhaust, Stock Catalytic Converter, Stock Air Filter & Air Box


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New Zealand
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Facelift Manual 400hp VR-4 Legnum
Dyno at stock 153.8kw at wheels $85

Second exhaust hole in bumper $20
Bumper Caps $70

2.5" Downpipes + Headers
3" Exhaust split into 2x 2.5" with 4.5" tip $1550 08/05
Remove Catalytic Converter

Tanabe springs $100 08/05

Dyno with exhaust system 159.3kw at wheels, $85

EVO 7 Mags and GSD3 tyres $500 + $920 01/06

Front windows tinted $80 10/05

EVO 7 Brembo Brakes $900 03/06
Weds TC-005 Mags $1000 + $400 painting 07/06

Iridium Spark Plugs
255lph Fuel Pump
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Change all turbo piping
600x300x100 intercooler 07/06
Cold Air Box
Air Filter
Blow Off Valve
Batteries in boot $1200
Car PC setup with cables
Autronic SM4 $2300
Change radiator
Manual Gearbox $1800
Install Gearbox

clock Gauge Pod $80
2x Auto Gauge EGT $320 11/05

Ganador Carbon mirrors $285 06/07
Lower Front Strut Bar $180 06/07
Evo TME 6.5 Seats $500 06/07
Short Shifter $110 06/07

It makes 228kw at the wheels at 5300rpm, and 436nm of torque at 4200rpm. It makes 155kw at the wheels at 3200rpm which was the max power output when stock! It has more than 220kw ATW from 4700rpm to 6000rpm, and more than 200kw from 4200rpm to about 6800rpm. The stock engine torque figure is 363nm, remember this is at the engine. My car has more than that at the wheels from 2800rpm to 5700rpm. Ohh and my last tank of petrol was 410km from 45 litres.


Legnum VR4 2000 Type S

Super VR4 Exhaust
Blitz Super Sonic Pod Filter
RDA Slotted Rotors - EBC Green Stuff Pads
Innovate LC-1
Turbosmart Boost controller

Autometer Boost gauge
Innovate air/fuel gauge

Times and Power output coming soon ...


Crunching Gears
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Legnum VR4
600x300x76 FMIC with ALL pipes replaced to alloy inc engine bay,
custom 3inch cat-back
HKS air panel
Bleed valve Boost controller set to 12psi.
Blitx BOV
SMT-6 piggyback
18 inch rims
182kw at all 4.
Everything else standard


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New Zealand
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2001 Golf GTI
1996 Legnum VR-4
Members ride thread

Greddy Iridium plugs (gapped to 0.8, heat range 7)
Dyno: 129.1kw atw (APC, 4th gear)

Turbotech manual boost controller @ 12psi peak
Dyno: 151kw atw (ChipTorque, 3rd gear, shootout mode)


1/4 mile (boost upped to 15psi peak): 14:33

3" Magnaflow Cat
2.75 to 3" HKS Super Dragger exhaust
K&N Panel Filter
Dyno: ??
1/4 Mile: ??


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1990 Mitsubishi GTO
Formerly: 1996 Galant VR-4
Galant VR4 - 1996 (pre-facelift) (188.9kw atw)

Note: I dont know what was done to the car before i owned it, but it does have quite a few modifications... ill make a list of what i know of so far that i didnt do, and that i did, followed by the graph :)

When i bought it it had the following (so far - maybe more unfound.. i did see something funny under the airbox the other day.. and theres a switch i dont know what its connected to under my steering column.)
im also going to include the non-performance increasing parts :)

Before i bought it:

A set of Defis and the control unit
Pivot Race/Rally Boost Gauge
Billion Variable Fan Speed Controller
Koyo Aftermarket Radiator
Relocated oil filter kit with oil cooler
FET TB-206 Turbo Timer (i keep it turned off)
Ralliart Braces underneath, Front & Rear
Ralliart suspension (since removed - see next list)
Project Mu Braided Brake Lines
Project Mu SCR Pro two piece rotors at the front (w/ project mu pads front and rear - recently replaced - expensive :()
The dodgy intake pipe that leads from my foglight area to the airbox

After i bought it:

Apexi S-AFCII - tuned
Turbosmart manual boost controller set at 12psi
Apexi N1 Pro coilovers w/ cusco mount things
DBA-4000 slotted rotors for the back
Uprated(modified) Exedy HD clutch
Greddy Type RS Blow off valve (VTA)

There are 2 lines on the graph - one before and one after tuning. tuning the S-AFCII brought it up by around 25kw atw! :eek:


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Leaving Skid Marks
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96 S2 RZ Supra with 500whp
Legnum VR4 96 type s, Automatic, 88,000km.

203-207kw ATW (4WD Hub Dyno)
415 nm torque (at 2500rpm)
Boost 13-15psi

Relevant go fast Mods:

Full 3" custom exhaust and 3" Front pipe
PWR 300 x 210 x 76 intercooler + custom stainless pipes
K & N air filter with stainless pipe and custom cold air intake
Go Fast Bits Mach 1 Blow off valve
Walbro fuel pump
NGK Platinum PF6J spark plugs
Haltech miniceptor tuned by RPW

Link to member ride page here



Leaving Skid Marks
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Cab Colt & Evo 6
Legnum VR4 2001 Auto

196 HP (146kw) @ all 4 wheels at last dyno. (27/06/2008)
155.1 kw @ all 4 wheels 19/07/2008)

MBC set at 12.5 PSI
3 inch high flow cat
3 inch exhaust from cat back
Custom dumps from turbo to cat

Apexi Neo tuned (gained 30 hp) (Turns out that the Neo's have a firmware problem)
DBA slotted rotors and green stuff pads fitted to the front.

Gauges measuring BOOST, Water Temp and Voltage

BOV (evo MR8) and POD filter fitted this weekend (5/6 July 07)


Car: 1999 Legnum VR4 Type-S

5 Speed Manual
Short shifter

Performance Mods
Ralliart Panel Air Filter
Manual Boost Controller 12psi +/- (Turbo XS High Performance)
Ignition Leads (Top Gun MAX)
Stock Dump pipes and cat. Very average 3" cat back and muffler. (To be upgraded later)

Dyno Result
149kw 06/07/08

Evo 8 Brembo calipers
DBA Slotted rotors
Braided brake lines
Brembo brake fluid

Heavy Duty adjustable swaybars front and rear


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1997 Legnum VR-4 Type-S
110,000 miles (177,000 kms)
5 Speed Tiptronic

Refurbished calipers (new pins, seals, pistons, boots & shims, shotblasted and coated in black)
Stainless brake lines
Rossini Grooved Discs
Carbotech XP8 Pads
ATE Super Blue brake fluid

Tein S.Tech lowering springs (Soft version, 3.9Kg F, 1.5~2.Kg R)
Bilstein B8 Shortened sports shocks
Cusco Anti-roll bars (swaybars) front and rear
Greddy triple-Tube rear strut brace
New ARB droplinks

Leather interior as standard - Completely removed, steamcleaned and wet&dry vacc'd upon purchase to remove smell of fag smoke.
Facelift Gearshifter, gate, handbrake and centre console lid
Retrofitted MMCS system (Complete system and loom from a donor car)

HKS Super Power flow mushroom filter (Rubbish!)
Pro-Shop IIda Throttle body elbow pipe
Cusco hard pipe kit (Replaces top three flexi pipes)
Greddy Spec-V Intercooler kit (comprises cooler, hardpipes and Power steering cooler relocation)
Ultra Bluepoint silicone ignition leads
NGK BKR7EIX spark plugs
TRE Fuel Pump
Greddy Profec-B SpecII boost controller @ 8.7 psi Low, 13psi High
Ultra earthing kit
Pro Shop IIda Downpipes
TSL Motorsport Sports cat (100 cell road legal)
Blitz Realize-TT exhaust system (modified: 3" cat flange, heatwrapped)
FET Turbo Timer
SARD Sports Radiator
EVO VIII Stock dump valve (Identical to stock VR-4 unit, but stronger spring so doesn't leak at idle)

Additional Rustproofing/underseal to cope with UK climate
Fluidyne Automatic Transmission cooler
Amsoil lubricants all round
UK-Spec headlamps (Much better lenses and light diffusion than JDM)
UK-Spec Rear lamps (Integrated Foglamps)
UK-Spec V6-24 radiator grille (Mmmm, Chrome!)

To Do:
Fit new turbo inlet hardpipes and MAP ECU (Pipes purchased, ECU pending)
Fit PLX wideband Air/Fuel o2 sensor
Fit Gauges - ATF Temp, Oil temp, oil pressure, EGT Boost, voltage, knock
Fit SARD Attack Meter
Renew underseal
Fit improved power steering cooler for track use
Fit oil cooler & relocation kit
Polybush all suspension components
Replace all engine/gearbox mounts
Replace Steering rack ends
Replace Track rod ends
Replace lower arms F&R (where I can't polybush them)
Replace propshaft bearings
Refurbish standard alloys
Replace subframe mounting bushes
Fit 2G Mitsubishi Eclipse adjustable Air Suspension (I wish!)

No Dyno Results as yet
Best 1/4 Mile - 13.93s @ 96.20 mph

Abandoned Mods:
HKS Panel filter in stock airbox (This performs better than the super power flow, but the stock airbox won't fit with the Pro Shop IIda throttle body elbow pipe. I would have kept it otherwise)

Cusco Type-II Front under brace (This only fits with standard downpipes - it also got badly gravel rashed after lowering the car!)

Mine's LCD Boost gauge (Electronic interferance/voltage fluctuations made the boost readings unreliable. It was an ebay item so it could've been knackered).

Innovate LC-1 Wideband sensor (An appaling product. Very sensitive to earthing interferance and nigh-on impossible to install satisfactorily - Just look at Innovate's forums, lots of unhappy users. On top of this my unit was from a faulty batch - each time the unit is power cycled it lost it's calibration data).


Leaving Skid Marks
First Name
Was a Ralliart Colt, was a 1997 Toyota Aristo was a 1996 Legnum..Now an XR5 Turbo
Hmmmm so many people have so much....but here is my list

1996 - Finess Green Legnum

Car came pretty stock standard but came with
Lowered suspension - Coilovers maybe

Things that I have done

600 x 300 x 75 FMIC
Hard Piping from turbos through to FMIC and to throttel body
Metal Air intake piping with POD direct air intake surrounded with heat shield
Top Gun MAX ignition leads
APEXI SAFC 2 - not tuned
3 inch High Flow Metal Cat through to a 3 inch system

Last things I am looking at doing are
SAFC 2 Dyno tuned
Dump pipes
Probably a few other bits like brakes etc


Oh... here ya go (My lane results for 1/4 mile run are shown in Dark Green/Lower on the screen):



I really didn't have a chance to get it down the 1/4 mile in a proper way... my best and only 1/4 run was 12.6@111 at around 1.3 bars with outside temp ~ 29C. Full weight, street tires, pump gas... bad start and shifts... Yeah and I drove after a work day straight to the DragStrip... just switched off A/C and music. ;)

Best 0-100kph - 4.1 sec on winter tires... Maybe in a weeks time I will try again with C16 in the gas tank (1.6 bars and more agressive timing), mildly stripped interior and better launch/shiffting.


Leaving Skid Marks
First Name
weeaazz's legnum

ok get comfy for my big list..

meister blue 1996 legnum vr4

performance mods:
fujitsubo super R? 3 inch cat-back
turbotech mbc 8-10psi
that is all

stock suspension
warped brakes(need new ones)
17inch basel rims by starform

alpine cda9856 head
R type splits(front)
R type coaxials(rear)
running of an alpine mrdf550 amplifier

why do anything to the exterior when its meister blue



Crunching Gears
First Name
VR4 Galant 1997
97 galant Galant VR4 - Mauve
5 speed manual

Performance Mods
3 Inch custom exhaust with highflow metal cat
PWR 360x270x76 fmic
Turbosmart dual port BOV
G4 Ajustable coliovers
Silicon piping kit
Pod fillter
Boost Guage- Autometer
Sard fuel reg
Walbro fuel pump
Map2 ecu

Other Mods
Evo style bonnet
Advani 18in wheels
Removed rear wing
Window tint 35%
Apexi RSM
Alpine Head unit, X type fronts, R type rears,S type 12" sub with amps

192kw-205kw still working out the mapecu....
Best quarter mile 14.1 before ecu and tune

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