Successful Dyno Runs - Post your data!


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Cab Colt & Evo 6
I was just wondering if anyone has had a successful dyno run and would like to post there data here.

Tried to have a full power dyno run yesterday but due to the car dancing around on the rollers far to much, or so I was told, it couldn't be done. I was told to have a 4 wheel, wheel alignment done then try again. Although I wasn't to disappointed that it didn't get done as it was only a standard dyno. The front of the car was placed on stands. I didn't get to hang around as I had to head of to work but;
1. I couldn't see that it was to safe - not my problem as I wasn't going to be there and if it fell of the stands and went through a wall their insurance would pay for a replacement legnum and
2. I couldn't see how the data would be very accurate.

Yesterdays trip to the mechanic cost me a bit more than expected, but everything does these days. I had a carbon clean done and they replaced dead oxygen sensor. I'll know within a week if it has made any difference to the fuel usage.
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