[WA] Driver Training Day @ Ahg - 30th March



anyone interested?

it's actually a stagea based day, however they have a few spots left over, and seeing as i've convinced them to let me take my leggy around, it would be good to have a few more tag along and compare the two. :)

any interested send me a PM, as it needs to be finalised and paid for shortly, as the booking is already paid for out of a members own pocket.

here's the original post...

Hey guys,

I have been asked to book a Driver Training day on the skidpan at the AHG Facility in Kewdale for you Stagea Folk!!

The training is held in a controlled environment on a skidpan with instructors. We have paid for two instructors so everyone gets more time training (otherwise a lot of time is lost while the instructor changes cars). I am unsure who the instructors will be at the moment, however i have done several of these days and recommend any of thier instructors.

You will do a variety of motor kahna style challenges, which aim to teach things like handling of your vehicle and braking.


When - Sunday 30th March 2008
Time - 12pm SHARP - 4.30pm. Driver briefing is at 12pm so BE ON TIME!!
Cost - $75 per driver
Where - AHG Driver Training Facility. Grogan Road Perth International Airport

Please note this is primarily a Stagea only event. Places will go to Stageas first and if there are any left after a week, non-Stagea drivers will be offered the remaining spots.

There are only 16 spots available so please PM me if you wish to participate (please give me your full full name aswell) and I will put you on the list, and send you my bank account details - as you will need to pay within 7 days to confirm your spot. (First in first served basis sorry) If you wish to pay me by cash, PM me and ill tell you where i can be found during the day.

Your name will NOT be added to the attendees list unless you PM me, this means I won't be taking names down from people just posting in the thread.

Driver/Vehicle requirements
Long Sleeve top, long pants required
Fully enclosed foot wear
Drivers Licence
Car to be registered with no safety defects
All loose items removed from inside the vehicle
Road legal tyres (no slicks)
Common sense and a sense of humour.

I will be organising plenty of soft drink, water and snack.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. As i work during the day i will normally respond to PM's regarding this in the evenings (job etc to do during the day
)so if you dont get an instant reply, dont panic.

Lets get started!!!!

SAUWA Motorsport Co-ordinator


1. Ssshonky - Loretta (PAID)
2. Jippa (Jerome) (PAID)
3. Snapper (Cory)
4. 260rsstagea (Daniel) (PAID)
5. Unique1 (Brad) (PAID)
6. SuperSweet (Hannah) (PAID)
7. Kylie (StageGirl) (PAID)
8. Mitchy (Mitchy) (PAID)
9. StinkyRooster (Dale) (PAID)
10. Appealing (John)
11. Appealing (Iolanda)


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That would be interesting to see a few VR-4s in the mix - get into it lads!

(and takes lots of video!)
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