Diesel/Oil Eng flush



This is also on the UK forums, but thought I would add it in here to build the knowledge etc...

Hey all, as with probably most of you on here I have got the ticky tick from the lifters. Only prob is it is now more like a clunky clunk. So I am going thru my options. I called a mechanic at Mitsi on Aucklands Nth Shore who said if it was his he would give it a good flush in the following manner
1. Add Wynns eng flush, run for 15-20 mins and drain.
2. Add half cheap oil/half diesel and run for same time, then drain.
3. Repeat step 2.
4. Fill with cheap oil and run for 30mins, drain.
5. Drop sump and clean all the scale off the sump pan and oil pickup as it is a pressure system, not a vacuum and the scale can block it. Refit sump.
5. Add your good oil, I normally use magnatech, with a new filter. Only full 3/4 and with the final 1/4 add some Proma MBL-8, mix and add to eng.
Any one else heard of/done themselves, using half diesel and oil as a flush.
Cheers Dan
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