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i cant seem to get any of the universal shift knobs to work on my car so im wondering what the thread size is so i can get a genuine one that'l just screw straight on


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That's odd Beau, I managed to fit my momo knob on just fine. What seems to be the problem with yours? I noticed my bro's one on his GTO was really dicky so I took it off and found he hadn't mounted it right. Its on nice and solid now :)


10mm x 1.25mm

kool kool thankyou.. yeah i think it may have bin the cheap one id bought of ebay just a cheap one :ROFLMAO:


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i can tell you how to make short A/T knob.
I made myself a knob like in new GT-R, about 6-7cm, and just above the console.
You must unscrew the knob (remove button first).
Cut leather gently on desired height, then remove chromish plastic.
Cut the knob itself, then insert chrome, and eventualy cut its outer bit (the whole thing tightens the knob over the rod).
Then cut the rod, and you have 2 choices.
Either cut, but dont damage the inner plastic rod, mesure from oryginal how high over the metal rod it should be.
Or you can cut the whole thing, take a drill, and drill thru the inner plastic rod at about 1cm.
Then you can place something inside, so it will be the same hight, but wont fall off (1cm deep).
Now the tricki part, you must prepare 8mm thing to make a new cuts for the screw (i don't know the propper terms), and you must thinner the metal rod, prepareing it for the screw-thing.
Then perhaps some metal glue before screwing, and done!
I will post pictures later if it isn't clear.
The knob look much nicer when it have only top 6cm, not this giant size.
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