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Hey there,

Have just purchased a 96 Legnum RV4 (tip) 2 weeks ago.

Its come out the shop having had a full service, filters, couple new belts and a coolant flush.
When they flushed it, they said its full of rubbish and couldnt get it all out. neglected Ive been told
They have put something in it, and told me it HAS to be drained and refilled within a week. (this is due to be done tomorrow)

Today I (well dad) noticed it was leaking coolant.
The coolant levels are fine, but im not sure exactly where its coming from.
There wasnt a lot on the ground, perhaps 50ml
Ive done 160km's since its been out of the shop (I filled it up) and this is the first ive noticed the leak.

I got down and have taken a couple of pictures, im not great with engines, so was just wondering what up there would be leaking (if a hose from A-B runs past, or joins there etc)

The leak is coming down to the right of the filter. in about the center of the engine at the front. its coming off the hose thats there, above that is what looks like a Oil pipe, and its running down that, but im not able to see anything above that. Cant see anything from the top of the engine.

Any idea's?



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One of the easiest ways to find cooling system leaks is to pressure test the system.

This involves nothing more than fitting a pump and connector to your radiator top (the hole the cap covers) and sending pressure through the system.

You'll soon see where the leak is.

Any mechanic can do this.


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That leak looks like it is coming from the turbo coolant pipe which isn't a good thing!


is it possible to remove any housing from the top of the engine to make things more visible?

so I can find the problem before it goes into the shop
Where abouts does the coolant for the turbo run? above it?

Im not a mechanic, nor pretend I am. But have a free day tomorrow.

Edit: well its clearly not below it.
But i mean, it doesnt go in the end but is leaking from the turbo itself if its coming out there?


Done the coolant swap today, while the front was up on ramps it never leaked once (but did after a drive around the block to warm it up and parked while setting ramps up)

filled it with water and ran it for 5 minutes @ 1500rpm to get it circulating.
did this 10 times.
Got cleaner with each run (was very manky, clearly neglected)

Since doing that the leak is even worse, contant drip.
I think its because the coolant is a bit thiner now, not all thick with rust/whatever else

But still dont know where its coming from


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Kenny, I suggest you take it to a shop who does turbo upgrades and stuff.. so at least they can fabricate a new water lines for you..

might be a good idea to do the rear as well..


is it safe to assume its only the water line and not a leak from a gasket or something?

how hard is it to get to get in there to replace stuff (im thinking about labor time)

at the end of the day I dont really have a choice, I have to get it done (professionally)
But at the moment ive got 3liters of water in the back, and enough spare (dad took from his work) coolant to replace the whole lot again once the leaks fixed.
But im going away next weekend, any time after that the shop can have it for as long as they want.
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