Power cable from Amplifier?

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Is there any easy way to get my power cable from my Amplifer in the trunk to my battery in the engine room?

We are stuck now, my friend who is gonna fit my stereo things, says that he dosent find any holes where he could put throu the power cable to the battery!

is there any easy hole who is hard to find where you can put the cable throu? Or do you need to take the drilling machine and make a hole?.

Then the cd-player dosent want to come out either, pioneer carosseria something regular cd.

Tried with my old tool who came with my old pionner cd, but that dosent work on the jap cd in my car.

Tried knives no luck their either..

Can the cd be screwed from behind in the console? if its not the orginal unit?

Only that i can believe it can be, or could it be any other problem? do i need the orignal tool to the carosseria cd to get it put? that seems odd..

Or maybe i need to use more force...:banghead:


Here is guide how to move battery to trunk and there is pics how you can route cable to back of car.

Hope this helps little.


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Michael, we have an entire area dedicated to guides on how to do mods like this here.

Please spend some time searching before asking questions. That's why we made the search function after all...
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