Whirring issue with front wheel - Please help!

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  1. Unique

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    Hello all.

    This is my first post on these forums so be kind. I will post in the other areas shortly.

    I have a bit of an issue with my Galant VR-4 that has just been imported and was looking for a little help on the topic. There is a noise that is coming from the front left wheel that is constant yet low volume. It is a continued whirring that will speed up with the car. From what I have established I feel it is most likely the wheel bearing. The issue is not brake related as pads are great and rotors are brand new. I have lifted the car and when all lugs on the wheel are tight there is an ever slight movement of the wheel itself (obviously causing the noise). The wheel is fine as I have swapped them over and the problem still persists. If anyone is able to assist or confirm my suspicion it would be greatly appreciated. Also if part numbers are available or an alternative solution available please let me know as I would love this fixed asap.

    FYI the car is not being driven at present.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Hi Graeme,

    I can't help with your noise but are you Unique as in Brisbane Unique Cars?


  3. deleted.39

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    is the guard liner/plastic secure??

    sometimes (alot actually) it comes loose, and when you moving the air pushes it back into the tyre making a wirring noise,

    if this isnt the issue,
    most likely a wheel bearing on the way out
  4. Nash

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    Also try rotating your tyres to see if the sound moves.

    Bad/old/cracked tyres can make one hell of a racket....

    EDIT: Ignore me, I just read your complete comment...
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  5. Unique

    Unique Guest

    Thanks everyone.

    Lee: No I am not from Brisbane Unique Cars, I just like to own cars that are unique.

    Carsten: Do you have a part number for the wheel bearing at all? Unfortunately it is not the inner guard (I wish it was that easy).

    The next question is, are Mitsubishi going to be able to help me out, or am I best to look elsewhere for a solution (I will perform all the work myself).

    Would a Mitsubishi Magna bearing be the same?
  6. snickells

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    These are all good questions Graeme as no one on here (beside the kiwi's) has had to deal with anything like this yet.
    Good luck hunting down the problem and keep us posted on how you go fixing it.
  7. deleted.39

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    i know that the hub assembly from the evo 4-6 are a bolt on,
    these can be had fairly cheap from various places, USA if you can wait for shipping?

    mitsi do NOT sell just the bearing kit! you have to buy the complete hub assembly,

    from the diamante's (magna) wreaks i have look at here in NZ
    the 96 and newer look to be the same hub,
    so if you can get a bearing kit from one of these it should bolt on,
    but i cant guarantee that sorry.
  8. Unique

    Unique Guest

    Thank you Carsten, I might pull the hub off the Galant and take it to a wreckers that have one off a Mitsubishi Magna. Is there anything I need to look out for?
  9. deleted.39

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    just make sure the cv spline is the same size/tooth count.
    and the bolt pattern is the same... there are 4 bolts holding the hub to the suspension arm.

    and the hub there giving you is NOT freely moving,
    the hub should have some resistance when spinning around but be smooth....

    if it spins round easy as then the bearings are well worn,
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  13. Fred

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    def. sounds like wheel bearing to me, 99% sure...
  14. Unique

    Unique Guest

    Thanks again.

    I did a little searching tonight and found the following.
    Looking at the link (which I found using google and plugging in a part number from one of the above links provided by Carsen) I am wondering if I can just replace part number 32510. What do you all think?

    From what I see I do believe that it is the same a the Evo V & VI. A question I do have is, is this part the same across both series one and series two of our platform?

    Thanks again everyone for your help.

    EDIT: Actually that diagram may not be correct for our cars...search continues.
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  15. deleted.39

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    yes pre asnd post facelift use the same part.

    from what ive read on cvr4, doing just the bearing is a bitch of a job,
    and for the money you would save its not really worth it.... one person had to take his to a workshop to get the bearing pulled out and pressed in,
    which ate up the $$ savings if he had just bought the complete unit.
  16. Unique

    Unique Guest

    Ok, well it sounds like a full complete unit is in order, which is fine. I have not pulled a hub off previously (I don't see it being a problem), does anyone have any pointers (order to pull it apart? any tips on getting the centre nut off?).

  17. Unique

    Unique Guest

    Sorry to keep going on, but need to find a solution to this one.

    Can somebody please confirm that part number 32515A is the correct one for our model of car.

    If not could you please advise which part number to use.

  18. SiliconAngel

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    Graeme that's actually the CAPS internal part identifier, not a Mitsubishi part number. Mitsi part numbers usually begin with two letters, like MR, MD etc.

    Part numbers for front hub assembly are MR403970 (or try MR334386) :)

    You should be able to get new parts from your local Mitsi parts distributor - just give them a call and have your chassis number handy.

    Good luck mate!
  19. Unique

    Unique Guest

    Thank you Trevor, greatly appreciated. I will give them a call and let you know how I get on (at least I have part numbers to cross reference now).
    What are the differences between the two, do you know?
  20. Unique

    Unique Guest

    I just finished talking with Mitsubishi here is Brisbane (who actually were very good to deal with on this occasion). I have been given a part number MR455004, however this part is in Japan and will take three weeks to arrive. Before it can be ordered I need to pay up front (have no problem with payment, but the three week wait is not ideal). The part number listed above MR403970 (which has been superseded by MR334386) is in their warehouse in Brisbane, however the parts guy was unable to identify which car it was for. If someone could assist with confirmation of either of the above I would be greatly appreciative. I don't want to spend 460 odd dollars and wait three weeks if I can save $50 and get another part that will work perfectly tomorrow.

    Thank you all so much.
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