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Just a suggestion guys, take note of all the pics of your car, inside especially, J.Spec are good at taking heaps of pics of your car, I had my Blitz turbo timer and factory gearshift plaque nicked, ( just under the gearstick) and if it wasn't for the close up pics from J.Spec I would never have been able to accurately identify missing parts for replacement.

I have been successful in getting an accurate price for the turbo timer and wiring harness for replacement but I don't know about the gearshift plaque, I thought it was a cool feature with the car.

I'm assuming the parts went missing at the time of loading or unloading of the car, but either way I just want it replaced.

The sales manager from Sea Way Carriers was really supportive and is now conducting an investigation.

Will let you know the result of the investigation if given any.
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