rwd 6a13tt in a staz??



hi guys.. thought i'd drop in and say hi and pick your brains...
i have an option on a dirt cheap 6a13tt and i happen to be looking for an engine to replace my 4g63bt rwd single cam 8 valve....

does the 6a13 have usable engine mounts in an rwd orientation?
what gearbox will/might mate with the 6a13 and be rwd??

before questions of cost arise.. i have spent $2500 on parts for an mpi swap for the 4g63, been quoted a ball park of "$5000 to start with" for a rebuild ...... the 6a13 motor/harness/all bits bar gearbox is less than $1000.. so you can understand why this engine has caused a stir in my nether regions :)


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Ben in my personal experience I've been involved with three engine swaps, and unless it's pretty much the stock engine it costs big money and lots of time... and sadly every mechanic has seriously underquoted the total job.

Expect to pay $15k at least on top of the engine by the time you're done. If you come in under that, you're laughing. But if you expect it to be less than $10k it'll probably end in tears :(

Now that's not saying it's not POSSIBLE - I'm just talking from personal experience. Engine swaps that involve engines that weren't designed specifically for your car are difficult, time consuming and expensive.


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depends on whether you do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. I did a 4AGZE swap into my KE10 Corolla for around $2500 including purchase of the engine and gearbox. Did all the work myself. Ended up making money on the car when I sold it ;)
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