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I've done some more testing and while stationary it was fine, but on the move reception was terrible and stations were fading in over the top of others.

I thought it might have been that I'd connected the antenna up wrong, but swapped it around and it was even worse. So I put it down to the Jaycar unit's simultaneous 10 & 20 mhz frequency conversion.

Instead now I've returned the Jaycar one, and bought two Domino Electronics 18mhz band expanders. I'll miss out on all stations below 94mhz, but that's fine by me. They sell a range of different models, so pick the one that suits your area the best. Not much below 94mhz in Melbourne anyway.

I connected up both Diversity antennas, and had to cut off and swap the plug on one unit with the smaller sub-antenna plug.. so a little bit of soldering involved if you want to get both of them working.

Went out and did a road test and reception is totally stable now with no interference at all. I bought the Domino units from a guy on eBay for $15 each, so a much better deal than Jaycar's $45 offering.


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If you guys want these band converters I can offer them at about $15 each,plus postage, they will work, they are the schniz, lol let me know


They are about a quarter the size of the Jaycar ones too, so easily stashed away in the wiring.
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