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Hi Guys,

I'm looking to purchase a VR-4. Problem is i have never ever driven or sat in one.

So I'm relying on your subjective assessment of the build quality of the car and perhaps a suggestion of a similar car in the Mitsubishi lineup that is close to the VR-4 for comparison purposes.

What is the interior quality like? Is it full of plastics (eg. like a lancer) or closer to the build of a magna or verada?

Are there any problems with exterior eg. paint condition with cars that are over 10+ years old? Where are the common areas of fading?

Are there any problematic rust areas?

Also, can you source aftermarket OEM parts that are cost friendly from general auto stores such as autopro, repco, supercheap etc? Or is everything sourced from Mitsubishi?

In a 10+ year car, what areas should i immediately rectify and replace?

Finally, its a long shot, but is there anyone in Canberra that can let me have a 15min look at their car, so i can determine if this is the car for me.



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Direct comparison between my 97 Galant and my Dad's 96 Magna interior-wise, the Galant is far superior. Not even in the same class.


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The overall build quality is very good. Some have rattles in the dash and boot carpets, but the rest of the car is good. There are a few members in the ACT, meet up with one :)
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